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"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory" - Dr. suess

There is no place more special than what we call home. This is the place that brings everyone together, our "home base", where we re-center our families after our busy days. Home is a foundation of our childhood - where we learned how to walk, we played with our siblings, gathered at the table for dinner, and carried out our chores. It is our safe space. In-home sessions are wonderful for documenting the stage of life you are in. 

in home sessions

Do not worry about having your house spotless - this is the stuff that is meant to be documented! Everything in your home has a story - and is part of this stage in your life. I will capture up close shots free of distractions - as well as storytelling shots that incorporate details of your home.  You will love the little hints you find in the background to someday spark your memories. The breastpump sitting on the shelf, for example. I like to say to "pick up" just as you would if your best friend was coming over.  

Please do not make your home look like nobody lives there!! 

During our planning session, we will discuss your favorite parts about this stage of life, your daily routines, and important firsts or lasts that may be happening in your child's world. What new accomplishment have they achieved, what is their favorite chore to help with, let's capture their bedroom, the bassinet, or your daily routines. I will provide a questionnaire for us to review prior to or during our discussion to prompt age appropriate milestones we may wish to capture during the session.  

Everyday, authentic  moments

My photography style is lifestyle infused with a strong documentary component. What this means is that we will get the posed shots - but the majority of the session will be of you and your family interacting with each other.  We will play games, let the kids be silly, feed the baby, and use our prompts that we discussed during the planning session. This is how I capture my own family - and what I will do for you! 

After the session, I will professionally hand-edit the photos using a clean, colorful, and timeless editing style. We will then meet virtually for your portfolio viewing session and to select your favorite images to create your  family heirlooms. 

Let's document the imperfect& messy  reality of parenthood. 

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Let's capture every little detail of your precious new baby. Those squishy little cheeks, the fingers and toes, the eyes that you have just met but will love forever. 

This is a beautiful moment in your life but is also one that is sleep deprived, busy, and full of change. I UNDERSTAND, BEEN THERE! Let me take care of the planning and worrying and you just cuddle your little babe. I have the blankets, wraps, headbands, hats, and all the other props we need for the precious photos. If you have a special family heirloom you would like to incorporate, let's do it!  

And, because you want to document your family for this new generation you are creating, parents & siblings are encouraged to join. 

Newborn - in your home 

The age of personality! I love watching little babies blossom into little munchkins with a personality of their own. The mimicking and imaginations are absolutely delightful. Let's plan a personalized session to document your mini-human.
I know that these sweet and adorable personalities also come with big emotions - tears, tantrums, and boisterous awesomeness.  All of these emotions are welcome! These are all part of the stage your child is in and let's document every bit of them. We will get some of those precious and sweet moments but will also love a good pouty toddler photo thrown in between.

Let's chat to incorporate everything your child loves into the session. Blankies, teddies, trucks, princesses, mom, dad, siblings, we want it all!     

toddler & child - In your home

Are you looking for simple, pure, and timeless images that focus on the details of your babe.

In these newborn sessions, I gently pose baby in natural positions and capture how your baby looks - you will be amazed at how much they change in a matter of weeks. The blur of their newborn new-ness will fade away into the sleepless nights and before you know it you will be looking at photos and notice the subtle ways that baby face has already changed. "Babies don't keep" isn't just a saying, it is true! We only have newborns for 8 weeks before they become an infant. Let me create timeless and natural portraits of your newborn. 

The white studio is also perfect for toddlers and milestones such as cake smashes. 

Newborn or toddler - timeless studio

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