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I am a photographer in love with documenting childhood.

I love how the world looks through the eyes of children. I am drawn to the innocence, the goofy, the mischievous, and have more photos than I care to admit of the little messes I stumble upon when the "kids are too quiet". 

When my oldest was born, I was overcome with the pressure of documenting her life, and as our family has grown, so has this desire to write our family history.  I felt the need to capture every detail, every first, and all of the in-betweens that make up the days, weeks, years of our family.  The best way I knew how was through the lens of my camera. 

Even though I may be a bit overly sentimental, I think most of us agree that there is something so magical and nostalgic about opening an old wrinkly photo album and the stories that are evoked by a simple snapshot that froze a moment of time.  Photographs save little snip-its of our life and someday will instantly take us back to experience the feelings, emotion, and wonder of that very moment. 
It would make my heart so happy to help you create these photo heirlooms for your family to enjoy and pass down for generations to come.

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Iowa City Childhood photographer

let's documentt your little love

These little humans change so quickly, they have an adventure to share, and never seem to run out of motivation to get where they are heading. Let's follow them and document all of the details in this moment. 

Let me capture the essence of your toddler or child    

The squishy cheeks, the wild hair, the little fingers, belly button, tiny feet, let's get it all! 

Let's document every detail of your newborn

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